Friday, October 19, 2012

I never did a post for Paityn when she turned two, so I am going to do one now!! Paityn turned 2 May 4th.  It was such a fun day!! My darling little lady is all about princess', so we had a SNOW WHITE Party.  I tried my best at her cake, and forgot a layer so it didn't look so hot, turns out cake making isn't my strong suit!! lol  Her two year old stats: (since they are sitting right in front of me)
Height- 33.25 inch--- 25th %
Weight- 25 lbs---25th%
Head-18.75 inch---50th%- She must have a big head

This little lady has a mind of her own, and a very Large vocabulary.  Some of her favorite things are, Snow White, Tangled, pretty much any princess or dancer, puzzles, her little guys (princess guys), the IPad, playing outside in her water table, and going to the park.  She LOVES otter pops and asks for them constantly.  She is so helpful, especially if it is something that will help baby Tate.  This is such a fun age, I wish I could freeze time for a while, and just really capitalize on this age.  She is our little buddy, she is actually quite hilarious!! I love how full of energy and life she it!! I don't think life can get any better than this!!  

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