Friday, October 19, 2012

I never did a post for Paityn when she turned two, so I am going to do one now!! Paityn turned 2 May 4th.  It was such a fun day!! My darling little lady is all about princess', so we had a SNOW WHITE Party.  I tried my best at her cake, and forgot a layer so it didn't look so hot, turns out cake making isn't my strong suit!! lol  Her two year old stats: (since they are sitting right in front of me)
Height- 33.25 inch--- 25th %
Weight- 25 lbs---25th%
Head-18.75 inch---50th%- She must have a big head

This little lady has a mind of her own, and a very Large vocabulary.  Some of her favorite things are, Snow White, Tangled, pretty much any princess or dancer, puzzles, her little guys (princess guys), the IPad, playing outside in her water table, and going to the park.  She LOVES otter pops and asks for them constantly.  She is so helpful, especially if it is something that will help baby Tate.  This is such a fun age, I wish I could freeze time for a while, and just really capitalize on this age.  She is our little buddy, she is actually quite hilarious!! I love how full of energy and life she it!! I don't think life can get any better than this!!  

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tate is Here!!
Our Handsome little man made his arrival on June 21st, 2012.  He is so wonderful, and handsome!! Paityn is the BEST big sister EVER!!!! She loves him so much, and we have had no issues with her!!

-Here is our story if you want to read it!! if anyone even reads blogs anymore!! We were due June 29th, but I informed my doctor that I was NOT going to go over my due date this time since I had to go over a whole week the last time!! lol  So we scheduled to have him on the June 22nd at 7am, exactly one week before his due date!!  I was given a choice this time around to whether I wanted to try a VBAC or have another C-section.  Russ and I talked about it for a while and couldn't decide what to do, so I asked my doctor what he thought I should do, he then proceeded to tell me he thought I had about a 5 percent chance of delivering him vaginally, he thought if we choose the VBAC it would be many hours in labor and would still end in a C-section.  So clearly we chose the C-section, and I am so glad we did.  For our little family it was the right choice.   Towards the end of my pregancy I started to have some issuse with my heart, so after being monitored for a few days, they decided it would be best for me to let Little Tate make his entrance on June 21st instead, which of course I was thrilled about, who doesn't want to meet their little babe at 38 weeks and 6 days.
-We got to the IMC Hospital at 5 am, such an interesting feeling leaving our little house and family knowing its all about to change as we add this little one to our family.  I remember being nervous, nervous about a lot of things, nervous that poor Paityns life was going to change, that I wouldn't love this baby as much as I loved her, etc.  The checked me in, gave me my IV, I didn't even have time to put my mascara on, and had us walking to the Operating Room at 6:05am.  It was a much different feeling in the OR this time then when we were there with Paityn.  Everyone in the room with Paityn was very serious, didn't talk to Russ or I, and were working so fast, because she was in trouble.  This time, it was very laid back.  I walked into the OR, met all my doctors and nurses and the anesthesiologist.  The doctor that assisted Dr Kaelberer was Dr. Labrum, he delivered me and all my brothers, that was really cool to talk with him for a little bit. He was actually my dads Young mens leader or something like that when he was young.  Russ and all the doctors joked around, there was lots of laughing going on while I was getting my spinal block.  Then lots of other things happened I am assuming, because I have seen the pictures and at 6:53am I heard his cute little cry.  Then Russ left my side and went to check him out.  Dr Kaelberer just kept saying he has LOTS of hair, which was weird for me because I felt like all baby boys were suppose to be bald.  He weighed in at 7 pounds 7 ounces 20.5 inches long.  Two ounces and one inch smaller than his older sister, not to bad growing two whole weeks less than she did.  They then brought him over for me to see him, he was BEAUTIFUL!!! I couldnt wait to hold him.  The stitched and stapled me up, got me all cleaned up and off we went to the recovery room.  SUCH A SMOOTHER PROCESS THAN AN EMERGENCY C-SECTION!!!
-We were met in the hall by Russ' parents, and my parents and Paityn soon followed.  I loved holding my little boy, I dont know why I was so worried about loving him, he is perfect.  He came out screaming, and screamed for a good hour or so.......I was nervous, but he stopped and he is actually not a cryer at all.  My parents brought Paityn in and she was a little apprehensive at first, but soon warmed up. It was very special to watch Paityn meet her brother for the first time.  She loves him very much, hopefully that will last as they grow up!! lol

Here are some pictures.......Warning some are from my C-Section......

 Yep!! See I told you he came out screaming!!!

Terrible picture of me, but so adorable of my two darling kids!! Guess I am a "real" mom now!!

 So Precious!!!

 He really is the best dad!!

Introducing Tate Russell Bass

Sorry for this SUPER LONG post!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

12 weeks!!!

In 12 short weeks we will be taking this family of three to a family of FOUR!!! Yep thats right, I am 28 weeks pregnant, and it true what they say, at least for me anyway, you do get bigger faster the second time around!! Apparently i have a hard time telling people i am pregnant, hence the reason why this is just coming out!! Lol On June 22nd we will welcome our beautiful baby.....BOY into this crazy wonderful world!! I don't think Paityn totally understands, but she absolutely loves baby Leland so I have high hopes!! Anyway, we are so excited to meet him and grow our little family!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Long Time No SEE!!!

It has been forever since I have blogged!!! I am horrible!!! Our lives are kinda crazy and hectic right now, and lots of things are up in the air, so I haven't had the motivation to sit down and make myself blog!!! But because time is flying by so fast, I want to document my little LADY, who will be two in almost two short months!! SO SAD!!
I find typical developement to be so fascinating.  Probably because of what I do for work, but it is absolutely fascinating.  I have watched Paityn learn and grow, and hit her developmental markers, so effortlessly.  And it is AMAZING!!!
She is so fun!! She talks very well, and will carry on conversations with us now.  I love that she can tell me, "Bye mom, be good. I miss you".  She knows where all of her body parts are, like even her knee, thigh, and wrist, I think that is pretty amazing, again probably because of what I do for work. lol She loves to count things, 1,2,3,8,9,10.....who needs 4,5,6, & 7 anyways--Totally not important!!! She knows what the duck, cow, sheep, Robbie (her puppy), Max (horse on tangled), pig, and chicken say- When we ask her what they say, we usually get through two or so before she then says, "what does the ____ say", then she answers her own question, and will continue on with "what does mommy say? Hi Paityn, mommy loves you" That one is my favorite.. She loves to dump out her piggy bank, and put her money back in through the slot-which I also love, way to work on your fine motor skills babe!!!
A few of her favorite shows are Toy story all of them, Tangled, Super Why, Curious George, Snow White-totally don't understand that one, and Monsters Inc. She can also tell you who all the characters are. Her new favorite thing is to repeat the lines right before they are said--I probably should write that one, I promise I don't let her watch TV all day.  
She loves the Adele 'Someone Like you" song and will chime in every time she says the word you.  When she meets new people she likes to tell them, "My names Paityn, her names Aubrie"   She may or may not refer to us as Aubrie and Russ on occasion.  
She loves to play with cars and send them down the ramp at Grandma and Grandpa's house. She also loves to play basketball with her dad.  She is a VERY big daddies girl, which only hurts my feelings a little!!! lol I finally gave in and took her to nursery, very sad, but she loves it!!   
I LOVE HER!!! I may be a little bias, but I love being a mom, and she is so fun!! She makes our lives so complete!!! 

I just love this little toad!!! Well maybe someday soon I will blog again, about all the changes that are happening in our lives, but right now I don't have the desire too....or maybe its because I am trying to ignore all the emotions that go along with them....Who knows..... They are not bad things by any means, just change!!!
p.s.  Jessica you need to have your baby ASAP!!!! I need to love him!!!  Please get on that!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Paityn is ONE!!

Paityn turned ONE!!!!!
I am a little behind, Paityn turned one two months ago!! lol But I still had to document this wonderful little lady!! 
Weight: 18 pounds
Length: 29 inches
These are some of her one year old pictures, I love how they turned out!! I cant believe how fast she has grown!! She is so much fun.  We  love watching her grow, and learn and play. More on Little P later.....